I am planning a trip for 2019 (next year, not this year)

I am vacillating between February, May and November.

The main goal is to book a trip with lower crowds. (specific request of one of the members of the party for this part of the family to go) I am not concerned about decorations, events, parties, etc. Just lower crowds.

I know in years past, these 3 months have had some great days, but the economy is doing so much better and as a result, there are not any “slow times” like there once was. Also, with the opening of Toy Story and Star Wars in Disney Studios, I feel that the crowds will be greatly impacted during that time. The Christmas parties for 2017, as well as the parks in general, were busier than expected in early December. Could have been vacations being re-booked because of the hurricanes or because Disney sold more tickets than normal, but I think things are just picking up.

So here is what I am trying to think through….

Feb 2019 could be impacted by the opening of Toy Story
May 2019 could be impacted by the opening of Toy Story and the Flower and Garden Festival.
November could be impacted by the opening of Toy Story, Star Wars and the Christmas party.

What was considered slower times may not be slower once these new areas open in these parks. I know some people think only DS will be impacted, but I doubt that. I am pretty sure all of the parks will feel the impact.

May I have the thoughts of the experts? I know some of you are there all of the time.

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