1. Does the dress shop by Cinderella’s castle still offer free Pixie Dust for kids’ hair? I saw it listed as one of the “freebies at Disney.” Thank you!

  2. I was there in December and didn’t see it offered, sadly, because I really wanted it!

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  4. Oh that would be a bummer if they no longer did that!

  5. Its at the Bippity Boppity Boutique Inside the Castle and yes they still do it – I had it done while we were there in November

  6. At Castle BBB you just need to ask them, it’s not posted. Also, you can get some at the barber shop.

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  7. Yes, and you don’t need to go to BBB for it.
    Just pop in to Castle Couture, they have it. You won’t see it unless you walk in when someone else is getting it. Just ask any CM working for Pixie Dust, they’ll grab the wand and dust you.

  8. mindeola

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    Jan 19, 2011

    Yep! and, its not just for kids!

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  9. Or even girls ;)
    On our last trip it was Me, DH, DD, DGD, a friend of ours and her DD. All the girls went in for Pixie Dust and insisted DH join in too. Our friends DD is special needs and she got the biggest kick out of DH joining in the fun
    They will be there at the same time as us next month, but her DH is going too. We’ll be getting Pixie Dust and insist the guys get it too.

  10. They for sure still do it at the Barber Shop. I got liberally doused in pixie dust on our last trip. So much so that I was still scrubbing it out of my scalp and finding it in random places over a week later.

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