As part of today’s dedication ceremony for the four new Patina Group Restaurants at Disney Springs, we got a look inside the soon-to-open Maria & Enzo’s.

Set in the 19030’s era former airline terminal, the Italian trattoria features an elegant central dining room on two levels and a first class lounge.

The dining room is open and airy, featuring 50-foot ceilings with views of Lake Buena Vista. The restaurant interiors showcase artifacts that reference air travel of the time, with maps and historic flight paths.

A full wrap around mural depicts destinations once served by the air terminal, and is geographically correct – so when you look towards New York on the mural, you really are looking towards New York.

High up on on the ceiling is a globe chandelier, with various significant Disney locations marked – including the theme parks, and Marceline, Missouri – the hometown of Walt Disney.

Seating is a mix of booths and tables, while the majority of the dining area is on the lower level, there are balconies above that will have additional seating.

Off from the main departure lounge dining room is the first class lounge, which offers an even higher level of service.

We also have a first look at the menu for Maria & Enzo’s.

The restaurant will officially begin serving dinner to the public on January 5 2018. Lunch and brunch service will begin later this month

Click the gallery for more photos inside Maria & Enzo’s.

Article Posted: Jan 05, 2018 / 7:05pm EDT

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