The secret underground lounge, Enzo’s Hideaway, will soon be open in The Landing at Disney Springs.

Oozing with detail and character, the story goes that is was once a secret bootlegger’s hideout, and the speakeasy was a center of social life during the prohibition years.

Enzo’s Hideaway will serve Prohibition-era cocktails at its Tunnel Bar and serve a casual menu of Roman dishes, such as the city’s legendary Bucatini alla Carbonara (hollow spaghetti with creamy egg and pancetta sauce) and Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe (square-cut spaghetti with pecorino and black pepper).

There will be a weekly Sunday supper, serving meats and cheese, all imported from Italy. You can even bring your own bottle of wine, and there is no cork fee.

Taking place monthly, will be the Smugglers Series, which will be a ticketed event offering some unique food and drink.

An opening date has yet to be announced, but look for soft-openings in the next few weeks.

Click the gallery or more pictures of Enzo’s Hideaway at Disney Springs.

Article Posted: Jan 05, 2018 / 7:46pm EDT

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