Our family is on the fence with Peter pan — love that it is a such a nostalgic ride, but of course the long waits deter us from just heading over to ride. Our thought is a couple of ways to ride without using a FP.

1. Hitting it a rope drop with the other mob of people going to it, but my concern is we will be trying to navigate the crowd with a 4 yo. I have read some crazy stories about how it is getting to FOP at rope drop. Would you say the masses heading to PPF are a manageable walking with a child or will we be pushed around by people running/speed walking. If we do this we figure getting there early might put us at a 20 minute wait, which is managable

2. One night we are staying for HEA and figured we could pop over to PPF after the fireworks, I’m not sure if this is a wise plan but thinking people might be leaving the park at that point so wait times might be better than 80-09 minutes.

or we Rope drop space mountain (which seems to have lower waits at park opening) and then FP PPF.

I guess there are many ways to tackle this but looking for some guidance — lot of pressure put on the planner of the trip (that being me!!)

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