So much has changed in the parks since our last trip in 2014, plus now we have a toddler to add to the mix. We’re also travelling with grandparents. For these reasons & more we’re open to all the experiences/dining packages that come with reserved viewing for our convenience and sanity, even if they’re not at our 1st choice restaurants. We’re pretty casual and aren’t expecting fine dining.

My head is starting to spin and we don’t go until September…can someone tell me if I’m missing anything?

Dining package at Tony’s for the parade
For HEA-it’s only the dessert party, no FP anymore right?

ROL dining pkg (We’re thinking Tusker House)

Only option for Illuminations is the Frozen dessert party?

Fantastic dining pkg (prob Mama Melrose)
SW fireworks-the fireworks dessert party

Sorry so long. Anything I missed? Anything in the list you recommend? Thanks!!

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