I rope dropped an EMH Morning on Monday December 4th, with EMH starting at 8am.

I took an uber from All star Sports and was dropped off at AK at 6:55am. There were already 30 or so people waiting for bag check to open. At 7:05 they opened bag check and I was 3rd in line at a tap point. The “rope” was dropped at 7:20 AM wirh Cast member escort to the bridge.

At 7:30, cast members guided the hoarde of people to Pandora and i was in line and matched with an avatar on FOP at 7:38.

Walked off the ride, moved to River Journey, was in a boat and starting the ride at exactly 8am.

From then on, Pandora was a SWAMP of people, I went on safari and Everest with No waits (best safari ever) and was done with everything I wanted to do by 9:15.

It wasn’t crowded but the rope drop crowd was intense but if you planned for it, it was easy.

I hope this helps someone!!

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