by Todd James Pierce

Our current series on the DHI Podcast explores how Pandora is an extension of Walt Disney’s original design approach for the theme parks.  To help illustrate this discussion, I’m posting up a dozen or so  panos of Pandora that I took before it opened.  In these pics (below), you can see the central area of Pandora fairly well, with a wide context.  It’s also probably the last time anyone will see the area without guests during daylight hours for the next five years or so.  You can click and expand any photo in the gallery—they should all expand out to full screen mode.

The first (of two) episodes on the history and development of Animal Kingdom / Pandora is presently up on the podcast.  The second episode will be posted soon.  Links are below.

Links to Episode 040 – The Road to Pandora – Part 1:

Lastly, a quick note: You can contact me through my personal webpage.   My most recent book, THREE YEARS IN WONDERLAND is a detailed narrative history of the development of Disneyland (from 1953-1956), a moment by moment account of its creation and opening: the struggles, the challenges, the in-fighting and the success.  You can find it on Amazon.  And remember, even when things are a bit slow on the blog, the DHI Facebook Group is always jumping with new posts relating to the history of Walt Disney and the Walt Disney Company. –TJP

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