Throughout the past 20 years, Jody Daily and I have created concept art and pitched our own ideas for a heap of Disney merchandise, and yet only a fraction of our pie-in-the-sky dreams actually ever see fruition.  Our favorite ideas are for items that we would happily fork over our own hard-earned money to buy, if only such things were available.  
In 2007, after leaving Disney and starting our own company, we came up with an idea for a collectible “folio” that could be the ultimate “thing to have” for serious animation aficionados, like ourselves.  We called it the “Walt Disney Master-Folio Collection” and imagined an entire series of beautiful book-like boxes chock-full of surprises and treasures.
The artful packaging would open up to reveal a myriad of compartments and sleeves containing booklets, figurines, audio/visual multimedia, and other goodies…

If you’re an animation fan on par with us, you probably have your checkbook and pen in hand right now.  Well, of course, the “Walt Disney Master-Folio Collection” never happened. Two things led to its demise.  For one, the licensee we hoped could handle a project of this scope, Master Replicas (who had manufactured our Disneyland Monorail Replicas in 2005), shocked us all by suddenly and inexplicably going out of business!  Secondly, and maybe most tellingly, the Disney Studio seemed uninterested because they were busy developing their own secret project that would reportedly become the sole outlet for all Disney collectible merchandise on this level—a little project with the bafflingly cryptic name of “D23”.  Ah well… enough water has gone under the bridge by now that we thought we’d share one of our favorite passion projects that “might have been”.

So what do you think?  Would you have bought one?
I still want that flip book.

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