Original attractions artworks are rare but can generally be found in auctions, but artworks of “never realized concepts” are more rare to find and i am selling FIVE AMAZING ORIGINAL ARTWORKS – so, these are NOT reproductions or prints – drawn by the great former WDI Imagineer Tom Thordarson who was the WDI Imagineer who designed the legendary “Journey to the Center of the Earth” attraction for Tokyo Disney Sea, one of WDI greatest ride and achievement of the last 20 years.

These original artworks show an awesome concept of “Jungle Cruise with Dinosaurs” – a version that finally “never was”, as we know – and all artworks are drawn on “opaque paper”. Again, these are ORIGINAL artworks, each one is “one-of-a-kind”, and they are the FINAL artworks, NOT sketches before the final ones. Three of the five artworks are signed by Tom Thordarson.

The size of each artwork is also pretty big: 24.6” x 19.2” ( 61,5 cm x 48 cm ). They are in perfect condition except one which has a small hole, 2” high ( which was already existing when i bought the artworks ten years ago ) that you can see on the first artwork below. The artworks were kept meticulously rolled in a sealed ube, in a non-smoking area, during the last ten years.

Now, because these are ORIGINALS artworks the price for the five may look a bit pricey but actually it is below the price that Tom Thordarson is selling others of his own artworks for the same size. I’m asking $7500 ( 6200€ ) for the FIVE artworks, which is equivalent to $1500 for each ( i don’t sell each artwork separately ). Shipping is FREE worldwide and the artworks will be sent by Fedex, DHL or similar, rolled in a hard tube, and insured for the amount paid. Payment can be done by Paypal, credit card or bank transfer.

The price can be negotiate a bit and i will consider offers on this sale, so feel free to make a price offer if you wish. Those interested must send me an email at: amplittaye@gmail.com

Now, let’s talk a bit more about the scenes shown on the artworks: each artwork shows a different dinosaurs scene for the ride. On one artwork the boat goes through a jungle with plenty of Brontosaurus…

On another artwork guests in the boat would have encounter Velociraptors…

On a different scene the boat with guests would come close to three T-Rex…

Another artwork scene shows a swamp scene with Triceratops and again Brontosaurus in the background…

And the last artwork is a very interesting one as Tom shows the movement that the Audio-Animatronic dinosaur would have done during the ride when the boat was coming closer.

Have a look at the pictures of each artwork, and please note that the coins that you see placed at each corner of the artworks were placed on them only to keep them flat during the photo shooting.

These are unique pieces of attraction development, and theme parks fans for whom the price is not a problem shouldn’t miss them! Again, these are original artworks, each one “one of a kind” and if you’re interested please send me an email at: amplittaye@gmail.com  Thanks!

Artworks: copyright Tom Thordarsson

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