We don’t overplan. We book FP for 3 rides that we feel we must do.

Mega planners would think we are rookies because at rope drop at MK we always do IASW and the Mad Tea Party first. Just a tradition. Sure, we could have gotten on a more popular ride at rope drop and that would be more strategic, but we always start MK that way and won’t change.

We don’t get in certain lines if they’re too long (I have a 1 & 2.5yo.) but pre-kids (and when I was a kid) I didn’t mind waiting. When my kids are a little older, I will make them wait for some things. It’s a good way to instill patience.

Our trips right now are very focused on what the kids can do – DH and I are skipping anything they can’t go on until one of them can ride it. So, that simplifies things for us significantly! We don’t have to be TOO strategic to avoid lines. (And the biggest winner on our last trip was the Country Bear Jamboree :) !

We also aren’t obsessed with getting on a certain number of rides or maximizing rides. There is so much more to WDW for us. I just like being there. If my kid wants to watch an entertainer on Main Street or run around the gardens at the UK pavilion or whatever and we miss a ride, I don’t care. We are DVC so we know we’ll be back every year or year and a half.

I actually have lots of fond memories from waiting in Disney lines as a kid pre-FP. Our family always had a good time. There was such a buildup of anticipation – especially when FP didn’t exist and you just waited for everything.

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