Today’s article brings you an interesting info – believe me, you’ll thank me for this one! – for those of you living in Paris, London, New York or Los Angeles wishing to go visit Hong Kong Disneyland AND Shanghaî Disneyland. Which i agree can seem quite far destinations, for some even “at the other end of the world”, with pricy plane tickets, etc… far enough to make you think that you’ll never be able to visit HKDL or SDL.

Now, do you know how much would cost plane tickets to go from Paris or London or Los Angeles to Hong Kong then Hong Kong to Shanghaî and then a return from Shanghaî to Paris, London or Los Angeles, which normally makes three plane tickets? 510€ from Paris, 432£ from London and $490 from Los Angeles! Yep, you can have the three flights for these prices to go visit Hong Kong Disneyland AND Shanghaî Disneyland and come back to your home country! They have usually at least one stop on one of the three flights but there is even the same without stop from Paris for just 120€ more at 633€ – and on Air France! –  and also without stop from London for 685£ on British Airways, always for the three tickets!

And these prices came with a search done for the end of April. So, where is the trick? Actually there is no trick and the plane tickets are even on regular flights! The search was done on the great website ( the best so far ) BUT what you must do – here is the trick – is to choose to do a search for “multi city” and not a search for one destination/ticket, than another, etc… as when you do a search for multi destinations the price is almost always incredibly much cheaper when you book a reservation for multi destinations right from the start, in one time.

I add that you can find perfectly good hotel rooms for 80$ per night in Hong Kong or Shanghaî and entrance tickets in both parks are almost half the price than a one day ticket for Disneyland! And one more thing: by flying from Hong Kong to Shanghaî and then going back to your home – or another country but not back to Hong Kong – you can take advantage of the 144-h-transit-visa in Shanghai if you are going through a 3rd country. It avoid to lose time to get a visa for China – if you meet the requirements of this 144h transit visa.

Below, the screen captures of the Skyscanner page ( price is display in euros but i did the conversion ). If you live in New York or the East coast, price is just $60 more ( see the other screen capture below ). Now, for a family of four living in the U.S it certainly will be more expensive than going to WDW, but for a single or couple, make the count of how much will cost you a week in Florida at WDW or in California to Disneyland and compare with one week to Hong Kong and Shanghaî, to see which one is the better deal, as you might have some surprise!

Price for Paris – Hong Kong – Shanghaî – Paris with a stop. Prices below are indicated in Euros, i did the conversion in US$ or GBP for the prices indicated above:

Price for Paris – Hong Kong – Shanghaî – Paris with NO stop ( direct flights ):

Price for London – Hong Kong – Shanghaî – London with a stop:

Price for London – Hong Kong – Shanghaî – London with NO stop ( direct flights ):

Price for Los Angeles – Hong Kong – Shanghaî – Los Angeles with a stop:

Price for New York- Hong Kong – Shanghaî – New York with a stop:

Not living in Paris, London, Los Angles or New York? Go ahead and do a search right now on and see you at Hong Kong or Shanghaî Disneyland!

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