1. does anyone know why there are no fireworks at mk on 2/13 and park closes at 6 pm.

  2. It is likely a private event.

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  4. Yep, and another in April. 17th I think it is

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  5. It’s a private event.

  6. Do you think they will still have fireworks? Staying at the poly and wanted to watch fireworks from room. We are there only one night. Thanks for your replies!

  7. HEA is not on the calendar for 2/12. It’s posible that whatever event is going on could have some kind of private fireworks show, but they might not. I’d keep expectations low, unfortunately.

  8. The Grainger corporation is in town for their annual trade show at the Orange County Convention Center and are having a celebration for about 8,000 guests at MK from 7:30 to 10:30. It’s on their website.

  9. Thanks for the info!

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