I don’t even know how someone does that! LOL! I would have spent about $150 (just me) in that time.

$750 on TS & the limited QS I spent above is the break-even point for TIW. So if you are typically TS-heavy eaters, and especially if you drink alcohol with those meals, I bet TIW is going to be your best bet.

Honestly – I would go back and run through how you spent your food money, maybe put it in a spreadsheet.
*Go through it and see what would have been covered by the DDP, subtract that out, and add in the DDP cost.
*Go through the original numbers again – for TS meals, multiply the menu cost by 1.032 to get the total (tax, tip, and out the door.) The QS is… .852? I think. Add in $150 for the cost of TIW.
*Go through a final time and look at which restaurants had an AP discount available and apply that.

Whichever is cheapest – do that for your next trip. If it’s close, look at the TIW price *without* the $150 added in to project savings for your third trip (since you’ll have already purchased the card.)

I don’t want to push TIW – it’s not right for everyone – but I’m still kicking myself for not buying it our first AP year. It never saved enough on one individual trip, so we didn’t buy – without realizing how easily it would have paid for itself over the course of all of the trips!

This method requires some solid math, but it should give you a good, objective view of what makes the best financial sense. HTH!

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