I have some great articles for you this week and we’ll start by one about Hong Kong Disneyland, and more specifically HKDL Castle which, as you know, will change totally in the next two years. It happen that the latest blueprints of the new castle are now displayed in a window of HKDL Main Street shop and Disney Magical Kingdom Blog has posted on Youtube a video of them.

Unfortunately, as you saw on the video, it’s poorly filmed and it’s hard to see the blueprints well as the camera zoomed too close to the blueprints and is moving at the same time. So, i did a series of screen captures for you and you have them below, just make sure to click on each of them to enlarge the pictures.

Let’s have a closer look to these blueprints!

On the picture above it’s almost impossible to count how many different architectural styles there is for the turrets, and i still wonder if this mix is a good idea… On the picture below, note on the turret on the right the Dragon Mushu standing on the top of it.

Note on the top right the mention saying that fiber optics will be embedded in the castle new ceiling, like they did inside Disneyland Paris Castle. Good idea.

And if you want to know how all this should look in real environment once completed, Octavius @ Mint Crocodile has posted on Twitter the picture below and did a pretty good job in including the rendering in a real picture.

I’ll have for you tomorrow a great article about Disneyland Paris future, so don’t miss it!

Blueprints: copyright Disney

Video: copyright Magical Kingdom Blog

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