Back in August at his annual physical, the nurse measured him at 43″, so I figured that by our January trip, he would be over 44″. I’ve been working on which Fast Passes to pick, and we are at 60 days out next week.

Two nights ago, we went to a local park, and their yardstick for the carousel showed that my son wasn’t much over 42″. YIKES!!!! This morning, I put our son against the wall, and our Stanley metal tape measure shows that he is 43 and a half inches.

So what do I do? Do I plan on him growing a half inch in 64 days – and that the park’s rulers match mine?

If I do get FP’s for Space Mountain, Mission Space and Expedition Everest, and if any or all of them say he is too short, how do they handle the Fast Passes? Do they allow substitutions?

I’m already stressed out picking FPs and trying to figure what time to get them for. This is not a surprise I needed! I am telling myself that this is supposed to be a VACATION(!!), so stop worrying, but it’s not happening yet.

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