I hoped there was maybe a FAQ for this but I don’t see one on the boards. did a search first but can’t find a good thread that has a lot of info in one place.

So I’ll start here and hope I don’t aggravate people who may have heard these questions dozens of times.

I have the MDE app and signed in under my account.

My son has an account and started the trip info on his account. He invited me to join his.

He made reservations for restaurants and I see them. we have two reservations at the Dolphin. I did not see that. He put in his two tickets and I saw that.

Now the fun begins. I put in the second Dolphin reservations and it asked me to link to friends. So I did – but they are all people he put in on his already. More confusing – I’m there twice – once as my account and once as the friend he set up.

I put in my two tickets and saw all four of them. His two, my two. Plus my one Dolphin and the three restaurants he made.

It all seemed to be fine – but then I messed up I guess. And I have no idea how.

Because now this evening I only see ONE ticket – and it’s one for my son. And I have no friends linked. But I have two Dolphin reservations and all the restaurant ones.

Clearly we’re tripping on each other – but how? Because we have two hotel reservations linked? Because we both have an account that is attempting to manage the same trip?

I have no idea. This needs to get settled before we make our FP+ requests. Since we’re not going until July, we have time. But I’m seriously thinking we need to start over and have just one of us in charge of entering things.

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