Apologies in advance if this is a stupid question and for possibly being redundant, but as I get more info from this helpful forum, I keep thinking of new ones. :sad:

Here’s the scenario: I have a 10 day WDW vacation planned for November. FP’s were reserved at my 60 day mark. That’s 10-day tickets and 10 days of FP’s.

Now for why my brain hurts…I’ve decided to take a quick mini-vacay in two weeks. What I would like to do is upgrade my 10-day tickets to AP’s. Days ago, I asked about how that would affect my future FP’s and I was told they would stay put. But now I wonder…can I (or should I even) get rid of a few days worth of non-essential FP’s (maybe 3 days) from my November trip so that I can book some for my mini-vacay?

1. Can I even do that?
2. If I can’t or shouldn’t, can I book same-day FP’s once I upgrade my tickets without affecting my future FP’s?

Guuuuuyyyyyssss…I’m so confused. Please help! :guilty:

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