I just got back from a quick, slightly unexpected trip to the world! A friend was going for a conference and I tagged along last minute! This is the first trip in forever that I didn’t have FP+ at 60 days out and zero dining plans.

Crowds were way higher than I expected. As we walked by Aloha Isle, I thought I would try a Dole Whip. the line was 20 people deep and wrapped around quite a bit. As we passed I saw the sign for mobile order pick up. Hmmmmmm, what is that? Pulled up the MDE, pressed order and boom, Dole Whip in my hand. It was literally that quick.

We also tried it at Pinocchio Village and Casey’s. While those two did take a little longer than Boom :) they were super easy and we were able to sit and wait for the ready text instead of standing in lines that were out the door at both locations.

I wasn’t really aware of this option prior to the trip so I wanted to share how great it worked for us!

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