Hi Everyone!

My wife and I will be in MK on April 16 with our 3.5 and 1yo. I would love thoughts from this awesome community on our plan!

1. Arrive a little after 8am to experience Main Street before park opens at 9am
2. Watch opening show
3. After rope drop Park stroller and head to Peter Pan without FastPass to experience interactive queue with short wait
4. Winnie the Pooh right after PP (no fast pass, kinda looking forward to interactive queue.. )
5. If there is time do the carousel
6. 10am-ish FastPass barnstormer (child swap)
7. Ride train to park entrance or one whole time around and then to park entrance depending on how things are going
8. Crystal palace 12:10 reservations
9. 1pm-ish FastPass Buzz Lightyear
10. 2pm-ish FastPass Tomorrowland Speedway (child swap)
11. Go on people mover/monsters inc/other Tomorrowland with extra time in between numbers 8 and 10
12. 3pm parade
13. No plans- do what we feel like (might be time to go – maybe look for available FastPass)

Numbers 6 through 9 has lots of time built in for napping/snacking/taking it slow to look at everything. We’re really only interested in doing stuff with our kids, and I’m actually looking forward to it b/c I’ve never been on a lot of these – but have been on most of the popular thrill rides. We’re staying at AKL, and are bringing our stroller from home (VA).

Looking forward to comments!!

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