We will be at Disney 4/13-4/19, 4 Park days total, with 2 of those at MK (4/14 and 4/16). Both of those dates are showing pretty high crowd levels (8, 7). Just realized that MK closes at 6pm on April 17th. Reading through several other posts, it seems that early closure days have lower crowds, although I don’t necessarily see that reflected in touring plans, crowd calendars etc. for that date.

My question is, since we only planned to stay at the park until 6pm on our 2nd MK day anyway (we’re keeping our 5 and 7yr old up late for the fireworks our first MK day, but trying to stick to normal bedtimes rest of the week), is it worth switching around our whole schedule to do our 2nd MK day on 4/17 instead? Will the crowds be that much lower?

Am a bit worried about the crowd levels being high both of our MK days (and the first MK day is not flexible) but we would need to switch around ADRs for later in the week (including an Akershus) to make this work and i’m wondering if it will really make that much of a difference. My husband, of course, thinks i’m crazy to keep changing plans!!

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