Probably the least popular attraction at WDW next to Stitch. It’s a shame they tore down an entire pavilion for a pretty mediocre attraction.

Not only does it make a lot of people sick or nauseous (myself included) .. I just didn’t really find it very fun or exciting either. It’s the only attraction at WDW that I just have no interested doing ever again.

I went in 2010 .. and to this day my wife and I swear we got on the “Green” side (knowing we aren’t thrill riders) and we came out nauseous and just had to spend an hour or so recovering. But I feel the only way we would have gotten sick is if we did the Orange side. So we must have gotten brave and said “what the heck” and did the Orange side (because I distinctly remember the centrifugal forces) and the experience wrecked our memory :)

I suspect the Mission Space restaurant will be infinitely more popular than the attraction.

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