Hello All:

I am long winded and so I will try to be quick.

Since childhood I have always loved the Disney Mickey Head Balloons (seeing them on tv). I’ve always wanted one. Being a 57 year old adult woman, and on the go at WDW.. I can only look at them and grin nostalgically and wish I was a child and purchase one. I refused to buy one.

ONE: Price is 10 dollars (??? – someone please feel free to correct me – could be more than that – maybe it was 20!!!) – and in all of my previous visits when the thought pushed through to perhaps purchase one – I told myself that I wasn’t going to spend 10 or whatever bucks on a balloon.

TWO: As an adult on the go – another deterrent was knowing that I could not (and did not WANT to) walk around with it. I’m on the go way too much. On and off rides, etc. I want my hands free.

Fast forward to now – the big kid in me is really demanding that I satisfy myself and get that balloon so that can say that I got one. So I have decided that I will get one and tie it up in my room at POP and take a pic of myself with it, etc. It will be a small, simple pleasure for me.

Anyway, the question is – My plan is to purchase one late night as I am leaving MK (I don’t know if they are sold elsewhere – but the kid in me must purchase it in the MK). But is that Balloon person still hanging around that late. I know that one of the DISers knows the answer to this. Also… is there a chance I can purchase it and have EMPORIUM hold it for me??? Question number two seems like an obvious NO to me. But I’m surprised all the time by the WDW wisdom and knowledge on this board. I could be wrong.

Does anyone know?

Thanks in advance!


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