We’re thinking about when we want our next trip to be (probably 2020 or 2021). I know it seems far away, but we just got back and are having Disney withdrawal. We want to go after Star Wars but don’t know if 2020 will still be madness or if we should wait another year. No matter which year, we were thinking about going mid-May, like from the 14th to the 21st or something. What are the crowds like then? I don’t think many schools are out that early, but I know that’s when the Flower and Garden Festival is this year. How does that impact crowds?

We would really like to go in 2020, but if it will already be crowded with SW crowds on top, it’s not something we want to do. Although, who knows how much lower crowds will be in 2021… Harry Potter opened years ago and that place is always packed imo

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