I was a newbie too when I booked my first FP+ reservation last month. After the 3rd FP+ booking I had it down. It really isn’t too hard, I promise.

I actually booked them in order (first day to last day) and got all the rides I wanted for the times I wanted (or very close to them) including hard-to-get ones like 7DMT and FoP. I got 7DMT as my very first booking, for the first day of our trip. I’m not knocking doing the hard ones first or going in reverse order last day to first, but I don’t know that it’s necessarily critically important that you do so.

I think the key thing is to be at your computer (or on your phone) at 7 AM Eastern, in my case since I’m Central I set my alarm for 5:45 AM so I could be at my computer and logged in to MDX a few minutes before 6 AM my time (7 AM Disney time). I had my list of rides, dates, and times ready to go so I could easily refer to it during the process, I also had my ADR times handy so if my first choice of FP time wasn’t available I didn’t accidently put my self on Space Mountain during our BOG lunch when selecting an alternate time (although MDX will remind you too).

Also remember, if you can’t get what you’re looking for, you can keep trying. People change/cancel FP+ all the time, stay vigilant and you’ll do fine.

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