Two months ago i did ann D&M Facebook n “astrological” post to let you know about the entrance of Jupiter – the “lucky” planet – in Scorpio and today another important change is happening as Saturn, the planet master of the Capricorn sign, is coming back in Capricorn ( it happens each 29 years ) starting December 21. Let’s tell straight the truth to those who are born when the Sun was in Capricorn : Saturn will stay three years ( as Saturn stay 3 years in each sign ), and it’s NOT going to be funny. There is 30 degrees for each sign and Saturn moves of ten degrees per year so those of you born between Dec 22 and Jan 2 will specially feel the effect of the Saturn transit in 2018 as Saturn will pass directly on their “Sun” – the degree the Sun was the day you’re born. Then, in 2019 it will be for those of you born between Jan 2 and Jan 12, and in 2020 for those born after Jan 12.

2018 will be more hard for those of you born between now and January 2, but those of you born in Capricorn after Jan 3 may feel the effect of the transit too, though it will be more “light”. Unfortunately when a planet enters a sign it also makes a 90° or 180° angle with others signs ( it’s called making a “square” or being “opposite” ). Saturn being in Capricorn it means that it will be opposite to the Cancer sign and in square position with Libra and Aries signs. These are the four signs which will have hard times the next three years, not during ALL of the three years as here too it depends if they are born at the start, the middle or the end of their sign. All others eight signs won’t be affected by the Saturn transit or it will make a good “sextile” or “trigon” ( 60 or 120° angles ) position which is much easier.

Now, Saturn being the master of the Capricorn sign, Capricorn are naturally “Saturnian” and the Saturn transit might be less hard for them than for those poor Jupiterian Sagittarians who had the transit of Saturn during the last three years ( ask your Sagittarius friends how were the last three years, it’s been tough for them and Saturn being the anti-Jupiter they were not really happy ). So, each 29 years Saturn comes back and it is the end of a cycle. The effect it will have also depend of the “House” in which your Sun in Capricorn is, something that most of you probably ignore as you need to make a full Astrological chart to know it. There is 12 Houses, – or “sectors” – and each one rules different sector ( Love, Family, Money, Friends, Creativity, etc… ). Depending of the House in which Saturn will make the transit things may be stopped for several months or reach an end. If your Sun is in House 2 for instance ( money ) it can be a time during which suddenly money don’t come in anymore, contracts are not signed or people don’t pay what they owe you, etc… Things will come back to normal when Saturn leave but sometime it can take many months, and in the meantime one has to survive… Also, If you still have your father, watch your father as a conjunction of Saturn with the Sun ( the father ) can mean trouble for him. If you have a Moon in Capricorn in your chart, watch your mother.

Saturn, basically, is the famous Murphy’s law – “All what can go wrong WILL go wrong”. Say like this, it’s indeed not funny but that’s really the effect it makes, sometime reaching a point where you ask “when all this mess is going to stop?!?”. Now, let me give you the trick to deal as best as possible with a Saturn transit: Saturn IS the work. When you have a transit of Saturn, the best way to deal with it is to work while waiting that it goes away, and accept this thinking about your life that Saturn brings. But you have to work AND be smart when working. Why? Because Saturn REWARDS THE SMART WORK. Not only if you work a lot, because if you work a lot but not in a smart way, it won’t work. But if you work and you do a smart work, i.e a work done with consciousness, then the reward from Saturn will come.

The other thing to know is that Saturn, symbolically, is the “big architect” ( that’s why, btw, there is so many architects Capricorn ). So, Saturn transits bring the foundations for a new life which will last the next 29 years. Of course it means that the previous “life” has to end one way or another, and here is the not agreeable part of the Saturn transits. Saturn is also known as the “Grim Reaper” but except if you’re in the older age you probably won’t die, don’t worry. However SOMETHING must die, but it doesn’t mean “physically”, it can be a symbolic death, something that you have to say Goodbye to. If you’re young and wanted to grow up, you will. The problem is that Saturn can bring events which will force you to change life even if you didn’t planned to…

Also, Saturn is the one which brings the Karma in boomerang. In two words Saturn brings the “bill” each 29 years and if one did bad actions Saturn arrive and it’s time to pay for them ( that’s what is currently happening to all Weinstein, Spacey, and others, who pay for what they did in the past ) as Saturn brings back the past that you’ve forgotten to the surface. Another thing to remember, with Saturn is the theory of the half full or half empty glass. With Jupiter who brings optimism, you see the glass half full or totally full ( it’s an mental image, of course ). With Saturn you see it not half empty but totally empty! So, the thing you must remember is this: whatever will happen when Saturn will transit your Sun, it will move away, EVEN if during hard times it will look like the end of everything and all illusions, it WILL go away, believe me. There is also a good news: in two years from now, Jupiter will transit in Capricorn, bringing a welcome counter-balance to the Saturn transit, as Jupiter brings optimism, protection and luck.

That said Pluto, who is the real power, and master of the underworld and sexuality is also in Capricorn ( since 8 years or so and will stay there for a few more years) and nothing is more powerful than Pluto. Pluto brings money and Capricornians who won’t have it twice during their life should use this transit of Pluto to make money. When Jupiter will be in 2020 in Capricorn in conjunction with Pluto it will be even better as Jupiter brings luck and protection – just beware at that time to don’t fall in the fascination of “hyper power” as a conjunction Jupiter – Pluto can give that. Pluto also has to see with obsession and, depending of the sign he’s in, it will have a different effect. Considering that Capricorn natives are naturally hard workers and care so much to their social status, with Pluto in the sign the obsession can be about work and social image, and they’ll work even more than usual. But the entrance of Saturn in the sign will reinforce that and they better be careful to don’t explode because of “too much working”.

In addition of Pluto already there and Saturn coming in today, there is also another transit happening RIGHT NOW in Capricorn and it’s the one of the “Black Moon”, which stays Nine months in each sign. Black Moon transits are interesting as it has an effect which bring the subconscious to the surface, to the conscious – in your mind. Although sometime one can feel that’s too much of subconscious coming in the conscious, it’s a perfect time for any kind of psychotherapy, with or without a psychoanalyst – and to find the answers that you were looking for …or not. As usual the Black Moon forces to “transcend” and to take a decision, so let’s say that the better is to try to don’t resist to what she forces you to have the insight, to avoid a conflict inside you and having a part of you fighting with another one, if you see what i mean.

Now, all what i told you above is a short summary of what effect these planets can have for an individual ( again, specifically for Capricorn, Cancer, Libra and Aries signs during the next three years ). The problem is that these positions brings a special kind of energies in the air which also have an effect collectively as it is truly powerful energies. Saturn and Pluto are two planets of “death” with a goal to reborn to something different ( except when you’re really old when it can really mean “death” ). Which means what, collectively speaking? It means that trouble times are coming, and yes, it also probably means “war”. In two words, chances are high that there will be dead people. A LOT of dead people. The last time Saturn and Pluto were in a conflict position was when they were both opposite and the date was …September 2001. We know what happened, the attack on the TwinTowers, then the wars in Afghanistan and Irak, etc… Considering the dangerous games currently at play between U.S and North Korea – and that Pluto has to see with anything “atomic” ( Plutonium ) – yes, we can fear the worst. And the fact that there is two sociopaths at the helm of each country don’t make things better as sociopaths / psychopaths are very sensitive to “energies in the air” and are most often controlled by them than the contrary. Between the North Korea problem and the one in the Middle East with Iran you don’t even need to be an astrologer to know that the risks are high.

But you need to be an astrologer to guess when the conflicts can happen. In this case there are three moments in the next three years. It could either happen when the “Black moon” will be in conjunction with Pluto later this year ( May 2018 ) as the Black Moon rules all aspects of desire “including orgy and carnage” as said the great astrologer Joelle de Gravelaine who was the world specialist of the Black Moon. Or when Saturn will be in conjunction with Pluto – basically all 2019 and a big part of 2020. It’ll be hard to say exactly “when” but the risks will be specially high when these transits of planets in Capricorn will be at the same time in a square position with Uranus currently in Aries, as Uranus is the one which brings the spark for the explosion.

Anyway, there is unfortunately nothing that we can do really except to cross fingers and hope that reasonable decisions will be taken. I wish i had better news three days before Christmas but i’m not the one who decide of the astral calendar. I wish all the best to those of you born in Capricorn – as well as Cancer, Libra and Aries – and whatever will happen remember that the wheel of life is always turning and that “happy days will be here again”.

Those of you interested to learn more about astrology can learn more with the free astrology lessons of the excellent American astrologer Bob Marks HERE.

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