Personally, I wouldn’t try to get her on Buzz yet. The music as you’re going in is very martial and ramps up the tension, plus she won’t be able to see what the ride is like before she gets on.

Walk around and look at things. Talk to her about trying them, but don’t push. Start with something she can see – like the Peoplemover. And check out characters and shows and the afternoon parade and castle stage show. Explore Tom Sawyer Island together! Did you know there’s a “secret” tunnel exit from the fort? See if you can find it.

If she’s the kind of kid who likes to just settle in somewhere and hang out, then you may find yourself spending a lot of time in the splash pad or on Tom Sawyer’s Island. And that’s fine! This is her special day, so make it fun.

A related story for you….

The first time my mum took me to the beach, I was SO excited. So, she assumed I’d jump right into the waves. I didn’t. I looked at the water, decided it was way too scary, and happily settled down to play in the sand at the water’s edge. After a little while, and after having failed to convince me to get into the water, my mother got bored and decided we were wasting our time and should go back to our friend’s house (where we were staying). I got upset. I didn’t want to go. She said, “If you get in the water, then we’ll stay. Otherwise, we’re going!” I melted down and started screaming. She ended up carrying me back to the house, under her arm, like a very loud and weepy sack of potatoes.

I don’t know why she couldn’t have just read her book and let me play on the edge of the water. To this day, she complains that she’d brought me all the way out to the shore (we lived in Trenton, New Jersey, and she was a single working mum) and I wouldn’t get in the water. Like I was deliberately being ungrateful, or something!

Eventually, I did learn to love swimming in the surf. But, it took a few visits. And, having raised two kids of my own to adulthood now, I’m quite certain that pushing me did nothing to speed up the process. In fact, I think everything my mum did only made me dig my heels in, slow down, and take longer about it. With my own kids, I learned to go with the flow. Ask myself, is this really important? Does the kid HAVE to get in the water to justify the trouble and expense of coming all the way out to the shore, or can we have just as nice a time sitting on the beach and playing with hermit crabs?

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