We just left Disney yesterday. Wanted to chime in to say we actually upgraded our 3 day hopper to 4 day hopper last week when we realized it was closing early.

We went last Tuesday for the party day because we love how empty it is. Then we went back on the 430 day. It was awesome.

We were there from 9 to 4. We made our fast passes the day before and got 830 tink, 930 cinderella, and 1045 jungle cruise.

We proceeded to either walk on or fast pass the following:
Carousel (walk on)
Carpets (fp)
Splash mtn (made a 12 noon fp at 1155 while on carpets!)
Little cars (fp)
Teacups (walk on)
Dumbo (walk on)
Haunted mansion (fp)
Ariel meet (fp)
Small world (walk on)
Tigger and pooh meet (longest wait of day)
Peter pan (fp for 330, made at 2)

All the mtns, and snow white fp were available all day. We could have most definately have done even more.

Great day with little ones, then headed off to epcot :)

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