Beginning tomorrow, Tuesday, free backstage tours will be offered daily at Rafiki’s Planet Watch, in AK, for the next 3 weeks. This trial program is unadvertised and this soft open began today with tours provided for RPW CMs.

* 1 tour will be offered every 30 minutes beginning at 10:45am with the last tour at 4:45pm
* Sign-up for the tour at the Wilderness Explorers’ counter inside RPW.
* Each 30-minute tour is limited to 16 guests: first come, first served – no age restrictions/all ages welcome!

The backstage area will be determined at the time of the tour by the Animal Specialist and guests will tour 1 of the following 4 areas:

* Veterinary Hospital
* Animal Nutrition – view backstage food prep for AK, AKL, and Living Seas
* Animal Behavioral Studies
* Invertebrates – Snakes

As with any program at WDW, the free trial tours are subject to cancellation and may end before the 3-week trial concludes.

For more info, stop by Rafiki’s Planet Watch in AK.

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