One year (in June) we got there early (about 8:20). They were just letting people in and we were near the back of the line. By the time we got in the line, it was long. We waited 40 minutes, I think. Some parts of the line were in the hot sun. It was rough with my then 4 yr old. The good news is, only 1 Show was sold out so we had our choice of times.

However, I decided to do the PPO at H&V last June. Our ADR was 8:15. I think we were let in a little before 8. We immediately went to sign up and we waited less than 5 minutes. Then we enjoyed our breakfast, along with Bloody Marys for the adults during the time we would’ve been standing in line. Much better plan, IMO.

I plan to do it this way for as long as the plan works.

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