I watched this yesterday afternoon as well and thought it was quite a revelation. While the data was quite un-scientific (basically the expert just had someone outside of the ride counting the number of people that would come off per hour), it is sure to open a lot of eyes. If it bears out (which I have no reason to doubt it does/will) that they have reduced capacity on the rides, while raising prices and cutting hours, it is going to be a difficult thing for Disney to overcome or explain. I get that they want to have all seasons seem as if they are equal in importance, but I think that needs to be done in non-artificial ways. When I say this, I mean by way of enhanced discounts, dining, etc. I certainly do not think having people wait in inflated lines, while paying more is the way to go.

I understand that people still come back time-over-time (I am one of those people), but at some point people are going to stop enjoying the park. When that occurs, the downward spiral could be swift. For instance, we traveled to DW about two weeks ago and experienced 60-90 minute anticipated wait for Toy Story Mania in the FP+ line. Now I get that park is in a period of great transition, but come on. Fortunately, we were heading to EPCOT and were given an FP for Test Track…but you get the point.

Disney needs to reverse these trends ASAP!

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