More questions:
On my MDE account (mine is Elle), I can see everyone from all 3 accounts on my “friends & family” list.
Everyone under Elle & Kris show up under “we’re planning together.” Amy’s group shows up under “my other family & friends.”

1. Two members from Kris’s group state “plans managed by me.” Kris herself does not say that (just an empty space). Am I able to book FP for both groups from Elle’s account?

2. If I am in Kris’s account, it shows her two extra members as “plans managed by Elle.” If I am trying to book FP’s from Kris’s account, will it allow me to book for both Kris’s group & Elle’s group? I ask because Kris’s FP window opens one day earlier than Elle’s.

3. Amy’s group does not show up in the “we’re planning together section.” Is there something she needs to do for me to book her FP’s too?

Gosh, I’m sorry if this is confusing you (it sure is confusing me)…:headache:

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