Well… UT bought these 2017 Party Tickets from Disney several months ago, in a large block segment specifically for them to sell. These tickets expire obviously. Any unused tickets that UT has left over after the season are total lost revenue. So of course UT cannot refund you any money, they don’t get a refund from Disney either.

However, Disney can look up in their systems that you bought these Party Tickets through their website, linked on your MDE, and CAN very easily credit your account with some Pixie Dust, valid for certain redeemable conditions. It’s all their system, they can get you a hotel upgrade, more FP+, free food/beverages, a complimentary souvenir, whatever it is that they can offer you.

But all UT can offer you is a slightly discounted ticket, that expires at the end of the year.

Ah well… thank you for sharing your experience – hopefully people can use it as a planning tool in their decision in where to purchase tickets :)

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