I’m planning an early May trip. I read a passing comment somewhere that when Toy Story Land opens, TSMM entrance will be inside Toy Story Land. Does this mean TSMM will be closing for Refurb in May you think? If so I will be so sad. We don’t go to Disney often, and Great movie ride, Star Wars, and TSMM are the only rides my non-thrill seeker kids will do at HS. I don’t want to skip HS, but with GMR gone, if TSMM is also closed I’m not sure what I should do. Has anyone heard anything about if/when the ride will be closing in preparation for Toy Story Land opening?

If it IS closed, any opinions on what my family should do? I HATE to skip a park, but we do NOT have hoppers, and only 5 day tickets, so I’m wondering if our time would be better spent on a second Epcot day, or another day in MK.

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