It’s been quite a week… quite a month… quite a year… pretty much all around the world. So why not let’s escape all that – escape through space and time to a magical place called 1994. When the world was new.

Yes, it’s time for a new episode of Walt Disney World Inside Out, this time giving us a bit of Halloween in July and some spooky surprises. Let’s take a trip through the Magic Kingdom, Epcot ’95 (oh yes), and the Disney-MGM Studios to see what’s up at Walt Disney World circa October 1994.

Stops include the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Pleasure Island’s Comedy Warehouse, and the Norway Pavilion for a trip aboard the Maelstrom. There’s even a rare glimpse of the short-lived Walt Disney Imagineering Labs inside Innoventions. All that plus the usual Video Toaster-and-zydeco madness of the mid-90s. And if you get bored, try Googling the names of all the random kids that our intrepid host interviews throughout the show. Enjoy!

Post-mortem: Note that the show continued the 1994-era trope of being a lying lying liar about the nature of the Tower of Terror. I’m sure we’ve raged before here about how the promo videos of the time always showed a bunch of Blossom-behatted 90s kids standing up inside a falling elevator, and they do it again here. They also manage to fit in the other 90s WDW video trope, misusing footage from Paris’s Phantom Manor as if it was from Haunted Mansion.

It was nice to get a glimpse of the Magic Kingdom’s late lamented House of Magic, though. And is there anything more Eisner-era perfect than a costume lineup of Mighty Ducks, Golden Girls, Pretty Woman, and Sister Act? And, of course a promo for Planet Hollywood. Because muscles!

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