…which park would it be?

We’re planning 5 days, 4 nights next year and going to splurge and stay at a monorail resort. We spend 90% of our trips at Magic Kingdom and Epcot so staying monorail makes most sense.

That being said, since we’re staying at a monorail resort, we want to skip park hoppers and spend three (whole) days at three parks. Travel day to Disney is a resort day, and we leave on a 9:30am flight home.

One day is Magic kingdom and one day is Epcot. We’re having debates about the third day.

We love Hollywood Studios and the shows and Toy Story Land is opening. We want to see that. On the other hand, we only go to Animal kingdom for the Safari, Pandora boat ride if we get a FP, and eat at Yak & Yeti (my favorite restaurant at Disney).

Both HS and AK are half day parks for us and we don’t want to waste a ticket. Whatever park we pick we will spend the day there it’s just picking the park


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