We have a trip planned September 15-22 for our DDs 7th birthday. We are planning to do 1 MNSSHP, but there will likely be 3-4 of them scheduled during our week. Our kids will be 7, 5, and 9months so MK is their favorite park! If we are only able to go to one MNSSHP, is it worth going in September when MK is closed early so many nights? Our kids are nightowls and have no trouble staying up late. Our favorite MK memories are running from ride to ride during EMHs that would go till 1am or later. I’m also afraid that due to so many parties, MK will be packed and no fun on the nights we would be there. With Toy Story opening, I’m sure there will be large crowds at HS and then with Food and Wine, I could see large crowds at Epcot as well. We don’t drink and aren’t foodies so I’m not seeing much value there for us.

I’m leaning towards picking a different time of year, but I know my DD will be a little disappointed to not get to go on her birthday. For reference, we’ve always gone in April when the weather is gorgeous! Yes, it can be crowded due to Spring Breaks but we’ve always taken advantage of the longer park hours and made it great! I’m even contemplating a short trip this spring, but am hesitant as the baby is only 2 months old! lol

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