I can feel his pain. We had no ill intentions, but we made a similar mistake with our (then) 3 year old son with Splash Mountain. Very first full day of our very first trip to Disney World in 2010. Thought he would be fine. Boy were we wrong. The big problem with Splash is that it’s very tame until the very end, then… DROP! It didn’t seem like it at the time, but it really freaked him out.

So what did this mean for the rest of our trip? Every ride, even the ones that looked very tame, freaked out our son. He was expecting a crazy ending to everything, even rides like Pooh. :) He finally started to come around by about the 5th day, but still not back to normal.

Just a word of warning.

Good thing is, he’s all good now. Loves ToT, Splash, RnRC, etc… whew!


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