We live in California and my son is a Disneyland cast member (Jungle cruise skipper) and I was able to arrange for our family to go to WDW for a 7 day vacation from Feb 6th – Feb 12th using his maingate pass and cast discount for hotel and food. This includes 2 travel days so we have 5 full days at Disneyworld and I will have a rental car with 5 adults staying at a AOA suite. Even with his discounts this is a very expensive trip I am paying 100% so I am trying to keep it reasonable and affordable. I think I made good choices on what to do each day by avoiding parks with the extra magic hour since we are not early risers and hope my food estimates are accurate. I have been buying Disney gift cards at Sams clubs for 5% dicount and hoping to have $2800 by the time we leave to pay for the food, incidentals and room. (I still need $1100 in the next 37 days! :rolleyes1).

We have dining reservations and fastpasses (could not get pandora) for 4 of our days but I don’t know what to do on the 5th day, which will be Sunday Feb 11. Is there anything good to do at Disney springs? (I still think of it as DD so it has really changed and my kids loved DisneyQuest). Should we venture off property and what would you suggest? Would it be too cold to go to the beach (not to go swimming but just to see the atlantic ocean or Gulf of Mexico?) Is there anything in the Orlando area you think would be fun or a must do activity for 5 adults that won’t break my bank account? (youngest is 21 and oldest is 49). My son, daughter and I have been to Florida & WDW multiple times (last time was 2010) but my Son’s Girlfriend and my Fiance have not.

Wednesday 2/7/17
Our first full day. Late extra Magic hours until 10pm at Magic Kingdom. Go to Animal Kingdom today
Dining: Quick service lunch $15 X 5 = $75
Chef Mickey’s Fun Time Buffet Dinner at Chef Mickey’s 8:50 PM, Dinner
$50 X 5 = $250 less 20% = $213 (18% tip for parties over 6)

Thursday 2/8/17
Early magic hours at Epcot future world. Go to Magic Kingdom – Fast pass for Mine train
Dining: Skippers canteen. Reservation for 2/8 at 4pm dinner 40% holiday coupon
Dining: Quick service late dinner $15 X 5 = $75

Friday 2/9/17
Early Magic hours at Magic Kingdom. Go to Epcot today – Fast Pass for Frozen ride
Dining: Biergarten 2/9 2:30 PM, Lunch 50% holiday coupon
Dining: Quick service dinner $15 X 5 = $75

Saturday 2/10/18
Go to Hollywood Studios – Fast Pass for Rock n Rollercoaster
Dining: Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant Dinner
2/10 for 6:55 PM, Dinner 20% discount Approx. $100
Dining: Quick service lunch $15 X 5 = $75

Sunday 2/11/18

Early extra Magic hour at MGM/Hollywood Studios.
Where should we go Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Disney Springs or Orlando area? This is our last night.

Monday 2/12/18 heading home. Both flights leave around noon.

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