It’s now almost sure that Force 5 Hurricane Irma will make landfall on Southern Florida tomorrow Saturday around 8AM. This latest map above from the National Hurricane Center shows where and at what time Irma will be in the next three days. The eye of the hurricane is more or less where the number “8” is placed for each day, in the center of the path.

As you’ll see, for the first time since years, a highly powerful hurricane will move over – or very near – Walt Disney World and the arrival time of Irma over Orlando is supposed to be Sunday around 8AM. Irma probably won’t be anymore a Force 5 Hurricane at that time but, even at Force 3 or 4, hurricane winds can be devastating and of course extremely dangerous.

Hurricane Irma’s cone of potential landfall currently includes the entire state of Florida, meaning that Florida residents of the East coast may not be able to flee to the state’s Gulf Coast to avoid its wrath. Going north is the best choice if you live there.

At WDW Night of Joy and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party have already been cancelled for this weekend and Disney World is also closing Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach water parks, as well as the Aerophile Balloon ahead of the arrival of Hurricane Irma, and Universal and Disney as well as other theme parks in Orlando may close their parks anytime soon when they’ll be sure that Irma will be too dangerous to open the parks. For more infos about WDW closures and cancellations jump to the Hurricane Irma page on WDW website.

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