Posted this on another thread but wanted to share separately as well:

We just returned yesterday from a 1 week trip. I was used to empty parks (crowd levels on previous trips were typically 2’s and 3’s). I picked this week because it was supposed to be 2 to 5 crowd levels, with the average being 3. I hate crowds and get cranky pretty easily. Instead of 2 to 5, we saw 4 to 8 crowds, with the average being 5 to 6. As it turned out, the crowd levels were fine. We got to do almost everything we wanted (we dropped a few unimportant things, which probably had more to do with over planning rather than crowds). We did our favorites multiple times and generally didn’t wait more than 15 minutes for anything (waited 39 minutes for ToT once, I think because they had problems- the posted wait was 20 minutes and the Lines app said 13 minutes).

The only time we really felt the crowds was walking around in AK. It was an 8 day, and the walkways were a bit difficult to navigate.

Here’s what we accomplished as a family of 5:

Arrival Day:
Wander around Poly w friends
Disney Springs for T-Rex dinner
Illuminations Cruise

MK Day 1, CL 5:
Welcome Show
Buzz (standby)
Small World (standby)
Magic Carpets (standby)
Jungle Cruise (FP)
Pirates (FP)
Tomorrowland Speedway (standby)
Tea cups (standby)
Dumbo (standby)
Haunted Mansion (FP)
HEA dessert party
Lunch @ BOG
Dinner @ Skippers Canteen

MK Day 2, CL 6:
PPO breakfast at BOG
BTM (twice, standby and FP)
SM (4 times I think, all FPs)
Tomorrowland Speedway (FP for just 2 in our party while the other 3 hit SM)
Barnstormer (standby)
Buzz (3 times, combo standby and FP)
Pirates (FP)
Jungle Cruise (FP)
Under the Sea (standby)
Philhatmagic (standby)
Dessert only at BOG to meet Beast
Sorcerers of the MK for maybe 40 minutes
Left the park maybe 5 or so
California Grill dinner @ 7:40 (this ended up being too late for my 7 year old)

AK, CL 8:
Navi (RD)
FoP (FP)
Everest (3 times, FP and standby)
Dinosaur (FP)
Tough to be bug (standby)
Safari (standby)
Lion King show (standby)
Nemo show (standby)
Tusker House late breakfast
Satuli Canteen for dinner
Met Flik (happened upon him and no wait)
Primeval whirl (once for whole group, one addtl ride for 2 while rest went on Everest, both FP)
ROL show (dining package)
Didn’t end up doing the two walking trails we wanted to hit

HS, CL 5:
Rock coaster (3 times I think, RD, and FP)
TSM (FP, wished we could’ve done it twice but nope)
Star Tours (twice, FP and standby)
Jedi Training
ToT (twice, FP and standby)
Launch Bay theater for movie
Beauty & Beast stage show (FP)
Indiana Jones show (standby)
Muppetvision (Standby)
Kyle Ren meet (Disney Visa)
Sci Fi Dine in for lunch
Fantasmic dessert party

Epcot, CL 4, EMH morning:
Soarin’ (twice, once standby once FP)
Test Track (3 times, all FP I think)
Baymax meet (standby)
Mexico CS lunch
World showcase (didn’t do a lot here, stopped in Germany, Mexico, China, Japan, ate snack at Festival cart, mainly just walked around the loop)
The Sea w Nemo (standby)
Living w Land (standby)
Spaceship earth (FP)
Mission Space (3 times, standby and FP)
Left park around 5:30 or 6, relaxed at Poly in room for 45 min
Ohana dinner at 7:20 (originally was 8:30 but moved it as 7 yr old had trouble staying up that late)

AK and HS, CLs 8 And 6 respectively:
This day was about experiences, not touring
Ohana breakfast @ 7:30
AK around 9 on EMH day
FoP (FP)
Dinosaur (FP)
Everest (FP)
Pandora snack
Wild Africa Trek (3 hr experience w snack)
Back to Poly for late lunch @ capt cooks
Arrive at HS at 6
Rock coaster (FP)
Star Wars dessert party
Meet BB8
Meet Chewie
Star Wars fireworks

We also did a ton of photos with the Disney photographers, including magic shots.

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