Dh and I were at the F&W a few years ago and enjoyed the food booths at that time but we happened to pick a day when it was torrential downpours and half our food was floating in the dishes as were we(floating that is…not in the dishes ;) ) so we cant go by this experience for timing(since we were 2 of only a few silly enough to walk around at that time…lol).

We have planned at Epcot closing the evening with a FP for Frozen at 8pm then to Germany for reserved viewing at 8:30 for Illuminations. We have a fp for TT and a couple for Soarin and Im trying to juggle these to allow for enough time in between the earlier rides and Frozen at 8 for the food booths for dinner (and we’ll be trying to sample quite a few sharing dishes as we go). I expect it will be busy(really really busy) since we going the Wed after Easter.

So if you didn’t want to feel rushed how much time would you allow. Is 2 hours enough considering lines etc .?

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