True, according to my H, who is in tech. We obviously love Disney and he would LOVE to work for them, but the pay doesn’t come close to what other large, “top” companies pay, so he has never applied. We love Disney, but not THAT much, lol.

Edited to add: I did NOT mean to imply that everyone who works in tech in Imagineering is less talented…not at all! I think there are many factors that go into where one chooses to work, and salary is only one. It’s a HUGE one for us because we’re a single-income family, but for other people work/life balance, or working for a cause you believe in, are more important. The part I was referring to as “true” according to my H is the fact that they have frequent job postings and pay quite a bit less than other Fortune 100/500 companies for their tech people. Having said that, we used to live 10 minutes from Disneyland and have many friends who are cast members, many of whom choose to work there because they love Disney and/or it was their lifelong dream to work there….so salary was not the main motivating factor for them. And my H would never claim to be the “best” or “top” in his field, lol…he’s just noticed that they pay a lot less. My apologies if I unintentionally offended anyone!

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