We are flying in late August 30, Friday the 31st is our first park day. I don’t want it to be AK or HS as I don’t think I’ll get the FPs I want (FoP and Slinky coaster) if we go there the first couple days. MK has morning EMH and since we’re getting in really late, I thought maybe Epcot was the way to go. That will be the first Friday of Food & Wine. Will it be completely nuts?? I would be fine doing Future World for a couple hours, then doing a couple hours in WS until it gets busy and heading back out into FW. Would that work? Or will the whole place be crazy? And what about Saturday. If we did MK on Friday, I would want to do EP on Saturday. Would that be worse?

Any advice is greatly appreciated! We have never been in Epcot on a weekend during F&W, but I have heard it’s crazy.

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