The Aerosmith Rock and Roll coaster tended to have the longest standby for any ride @ HS during the Christmas timeframe. DGD and I did it 3 times, once with a FP, NYE, around 6:00 PM (it suddenly appeared on my smart phone and we pounced) and the other times via standby. Not much of a line to enter the park in the mornings so we raced to the end of the park and got through both times in less than 30 minutes. Never made it to ToT this trip; had evening FPs twice and wound up cancelling each time at the last moment due to extreme hunger by our resident roller coaster and fast drops “scaredy cat”, Grumpy Grandpa, LOL. Only did TSM via FP.
Have you checked any of the strategy plans at touring plans and other sites? They can prolly give more and better detailed info:).

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