I have an unhelpful non-answer because I haven’t done the MVMCP dessert party like you’re asking for, but I did do the MNSSHP Plaza Garden dessert party earlier this year. My personal opinion is that the MNSSHP dessert party was a waste – totally not needed… both because of the time it takes away from the party and the hub just wasn’t crowded enough to make the reserved viewing area worth it. There were maybe like 20 other people at the party on my night, if that – DS was doing laps around the garden!

Like you, I’m curious how the MVMCP ones are going. My experience with MVMCP is that the hub area ‘feels’ more crowded than a MNSSHP. The combination of the parade, the shows, the castle lights, and the fireworks tends to keep more people in that area longer, in my opinion.

But (also like you) I’m a bit unsure if it’s crowded enough to justify a dessert party. I think if I were in your shoes, I’d probably be ok passing on the dessert party. But it’s probably not as bad an idea as the MNSSHP one was (in terms of needing it), so I could probably convince myself to do it.

I’m probably just adding to your dilemma – SORRY!!! :goodvibes:goodvibes:goodvibes

BTW, at last year’s MVMCP we watched the fireworks from the garden area in front of Casey’s. DS and I walked up 5-10 minutes before showtime and found a spot. I think we might have even stayed seated, I can’t quite remember. That garden area was definitely full, but not so full that two people couldn’t find a spot on that particular night. Although that was a pretty risky strategy that could have backfired on me if it had been more crowded.

Hope you get some better responses from folks who have actually been. :-) Again, sorry for the likely unhelpful response!

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