I’m in need of a bit more clarification –
The hotel reservation number opens the FP+ booking window.

The tickets themselves – assigned to a person – enables a FP to be obtained.

So FP linked to ticket
Ticket linked to a person
Got it – but…
Hotel reservation linked to a ticket? A Person? Anything?

It seems like we have to be careful to assure we everyone’s ticket in MDX in order to get FP+ – makes sense.

But still not clear on how it knows EACH of those tickets are associated with a stay on property. And that the hotel reservation is in fact for the days we try to get a FP+ 60 days out.

For example – let’s say I have a 7 day hopper, I’m staying at the Beach Club for 4 of those days and then off site for the other 3. I should only be able to get FP+ 60 days out for the 4 BC days. I should have to wait another 30 days to get them for the other days.

Further – what if there are 9 people in my party – we have several rooms reserved. Do I need ALL those confirmation numbers in MDX – and then link individuals to them? Can I have only one number and link all 9 to that (even though it’s obvious we’re not all staying in that one room)?

These are seemingly vital details that I cannot get answers to on any site / FAQ list. When we hit 60 days out, I don’t want to be fiddling with an app trying to get it all right – and then miss the FPs I want because it took so long to get it right.

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