My opinions below :)


BTMR – Rope Drop
Peter Pan – FP
Toy Story Mania – I assume you mean Buzz Lightyear? TSM isn’t at MK, but Buzz is similar. If so, FP
Haunted Mansion – Rope Drop

** I chose the rope drop ones to be fairly close together so you aren’t criss crossing the park at rope drop. I don’t really think you need a FP for Buzz, but unless you want to cross the entire park at rope drop, I’d FP it.


FOP – FP if you can. I couldn’t get one at 60 days. Rope Drop is still a wait for this one.
Kilimanjaro Safari – fp
Kali River Rapids – fp
Navi River Journey – FP if you don’t get one for FOP, otherwise rope drop
DD has also expressed interest in Nemo and Lion King

** If you rope drop either of the Pandora rides, you aren’t really going to be doing rope drop for anything else. In my opinion you’ll be behind the rope drop crowds for the rest of the rides.


Tower of Terror – fp
Star Tours – fp
Toy Story Mania – fp and rope drop (I’d ride it twice if I could)
Indiana Jones Show

** I never FP shows, I don’t find it necessary

I hope that helps!

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