Riding in one of these vehicles has always been on my bucket list, but touring with a stroller and now a wheel chair have made that option not very practical. I will always remember seeing them first thing on my first trip to WDW back in the 1980s before Epcot was open, and wanting to ride in one. (Yeah I know, I’m old as dirt.)

What particularly stands out in my memory was there was a little girl about 7 yrs. old who approached the horse pulling the trolley when it stopped near the castle.. She reached out and tried to pet the horse on its nose. She must have startled the horse as the horse quickly bit her on the shoulder. She of course jumped back. Her parents reaction was to laugh at first, but I could see the teeth marks and the blood which quickly followed. I was horrified. The little girl wasn’t too happy either as this incident quickly brought the tears. Over the years I have often thought about this unfortunate accident and hope the little girl was okay. I guess the lesson here folks is keep the kiddies and yourself away from the horses. They are working animals and not pets.

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