I’m working out our plans for each park to prep for FP+ booking to open up in a couple weeks. We will be staying on-site April 13th through 21st. I’ve got an 11 year old and a 6 year old and the only park that I’m struggling to figure out is DHS! Aiming to only spend 1/2 day there and I’d love some input.

My plan was to try to rope drop Rock’n Roller Coaster for one of us adults to ride with the 11 year old, and then the other of us adults to then take the 11 year old on Tower of Terror using a FP+ (assuming I get one around 9:30am). My big question, what can we each do with the 6 year old during this time that are not too far from this area? The kids are pretty aware of when things are ‘fair’ if you know what a mean, so I can’t just sit on a bench with her while big sis rides!

We would then all ride Toy Story Midway with a FP+ at 10:30 (although I have a feeling it will be shut down when we are there as they reconfigure for Toy Story Land…bummer).

The other things we hope to do are Frozen sing along, watch March of the first order, Start Tours (FP+?) and Star Wars launch bay to meet characters. Possibly Beauty and the Beast show?

Can the above be done in half a day? Totally open to suggestions and advice…i”ve been reading and learning from you all for months now!! Thank you!!!

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